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Conde Nast Shuts Down Domino

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My second favorite Magazine it closing it’s doors!  They say it is the economy that is the reason.  With over one million subscriptions, I don’t see how it could be unprofitable.  Why not publish it bi-monthly or even quarterly!  I am going to have to come up with my own inspiration now that my magazines are not going to be my resources for ideas.  Domino has seen me through some tough times and I will miss it terribly!  When we were moving from Michigan to Houston, it was Domino that was my friend in the lonely hotel room for 2 months.  It was also my resource for decorating my current home when we finally found somewhere to live here in Texas.  At least I have all the past issues saved and on my bookshelf for reference.  Darn that economy!


Candy as Decor?

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house1-09-005I have fallen in love with the Valentine M&M’s, especially the pink ones!  I wonder how long it would take to pick all the pink m&m’s out to use in my vases, jars, candy dishes etc…   I am using the m&m’s for valentine decor in my home this year!  I filled a hurricane up with them, put in a white candle and called it “decor”!  The only problem I see with using candy for decor is that I will surely be tempted to eat it all before Valentine’s Day.  Yum!

Make your own book with Blurb

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If you would like to make your own book,   Blurb  is the spot for you!  I am excited by this new project idea.  I have made photo books before, but this takes it to the next level.  The cost to make your own book is very reasonable and books are purchased from the site on demand.  I have been thinking of writing a coffe table book about finding your home decorating style.  This would be a great way to get started!  You can even make a book straight from your blog!  

Healthy Meals for 09

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house1-09 009

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I really, really want to start making healthy meals for my family. They are quite picky and don’t like much. The men of the family don’t like salad, soup, onions, olives, peppers, tomato, etc… Maddy doesn’t like pasta or potato. If I made pizza with pepperoni or sandwiches with meat and cheese only every night they would be happy. I also have the dynamic that we are not having a sit-down meal every night because Mark is working late. Any menu ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Closet Organization 2009

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closet jan 09 002

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I finally got finished with my closet organization project! I thought I would let you see the end result. Closets are not usually featured on blogs because they are quite private but I don’t know how to be private so… here it is!

I used wall pops vinyl to make a sign for the wall to inspire me! It is the idea of my own store that I can shop in for free!!! I organized by type, skirt, sweater, shirt and then by color. The color coordinated bins help to unify the look and keep the folded things organized. I hung jewelry on silver hooks on the wall so they would be in easy reach (and I needed to use some of the space I wasted with the sign). I also put some photos so I would see them everyday, one of my pretty mother and also my beautiful children.

If you want to see more pics of the closet project, visit my flickr page.

Sprinkles Tribute

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Sprinkles Tribute

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I was talking to my beautiful friend Heather and we both agreed that one of our “Favorite things” was…. SPRINKLES!!! A great resource for sprinkles is . You can make your own special color combo of sprinkles. If I could make one right now, it would be lime green, white, black and pink (throw in the pink for valentine’s day). Sprinkles are such as fun way to add some SPRINK to your life! We can all use more sprink.