Conde Nast Shuts Down Domino

In Decorating on January 28, 2009 at 6:33 pm




My second favorite Magazine it closing it’s doors!  They say it is the economy that is the reason.  With over one million subscriptions, I don’t see how it could be unprofitable.  Why not publish it bi-monthly or even quarterly!  I am going to have to come up with my own inspiration now that my magazines are not going to be my resources for ideas.  Domino has seen me through some tough times and I will miss it terribly!  When we were moving from Michigan to Houston, it was Domino that was my friend in the lonely hotel room for 2 months.  It was also my resource for decorating my current home when we finally found somewhere to live here in Texas.  At least I have all the past issues saved and on my bookshelf for reference.  Darn that economy!

  1. Wait! What?! are you sure? was this in the news? this is my favorite magazine–in fact, the only one I subscribe to! this is a dark day indeed.

  2. if you click on the Mag picture above, it will take you to the press release page.

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