Finding Your Personal Style- part 1

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With the demise of so many of our favorite decorating magazines, we need to realize that we can be inspired by many things around us, not just pictures of someone else’s space.  Everyone has an innate, internal sense of what they like.  This sense is what you will use to find your own personal style.  Your style may change as you do, learning and growing in experiences.  Each person can pick a favorite color, shapes that they enjoy and a feeling they want to express.  That style is not determined by editors of decorating magazines.  It is only shaped and illuminated by viewing things that set off that internal style button.  The more beautiful things you see, the better chance you will have of fine-tuning your style.  


Nature is an example of this.  Before shelter magazines, a trip to the beach, mountains or just a picnic at the park would trigger a person’s style button.  This served as inspiration for decorating their own personal space.  Finding beautiful shells to take home and put in a display jar in the bathroom is not a new thing to home decor.


This idea would carry over to paint color also.  Many of our favorite paint colors are inspired by what we see outside.  Architecture serves as inspiration for interior decoration as well as landscaping.  Flowers, palm trees, bare birch trees in winter; these all serve as inspiration for someone’s personal style.  Start listening to your internal style monitor.  You will begin to tune in to the things that make you feel good and please your eye.  Make a note of the way things make you feel and start translating this to your home decor.  You will find that you have a unique style that is signature to just you!

I would like to add that these photos were taken by my daughter Madeline of things she thought were special.  It was an adventure in finding out  her own personal style .

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