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Finding this jacket is a dream come true!

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When you live a blessed life, you  get a second chance at things.  I missed out on this jacket at Neiman Marcus a few years ago and it haunted my dreams.  I would go into my closet in the fall and reach for it and it wasn’t there.  It is now coming home via ebay!  I found it finally and my size too.  I can’t wait to pair it with some jeans and heels and some pearls. Notice the pink fur on the collar!  WOW!  I think this is the perfect jacket and it has such a Chanel look.   Now that I have finally found it again, I will never let it go.  I will be wearing this jacket for years!  I am so thankful for my second chance.


Colorful tights for fall

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kate spade tights

I am totally loving these colorful tights from Kate Spade.  They add so much spice to an outfit or even a plain black dress or skirt.

red tights

I found some tights for $5 each at Target in Red, Turquoise,  Hot Pink, Teal Green and Purple.  They are not very thick and opaque like the Kate Spade tights, but here in Texas, that is a plus.   It is so very warm in the fall and winter.

green tights

These colorful tights are going to be my signature item this season.  I have built several outfits around the tights and they really help liven up my black dresses.  Friday I wore them to the outlet mall with Maddy.  She sported red and I modeled the Hot Pink.  I must say, we did get a few shocked stares but there were several positive comments from observers.  Best of all, we felt so fun and stylish.  That is what is all about anyway right?

Plaza Esti Skirt from Kate Spade

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kate spade plaza esti skirt

I purchased this skirt on sale at Kate  It is really intended to be a spring skirt but I was hoping to wear it in the fall and winter here in Texas.  It has a cream and orangey red border  on a navy skirt.  Any suggestions on what to wear on the top?  I don’t think my standard white blouse will work with the cream stripe on the border.  I do have a navy tee but that may be too much navy.  I may have to invest in a cream top or sweater.  I could pair it with a yellow cardigan and cream tee.  Any suggestions to make it more fall-ish would be appreciated!

My Birthday Haul

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I had a wonderful birthday on October 1!  My family really did a wonderful job of gifting me with lovely presents.  I was worried that the day would be a bust when I started getting sick the day before.  I was running a low grade fever a few times during the festivities but enjoyed the low key celebration that my family provided for me while I was not in a super healthy state.  Mark worked from home in the morning and I slept late.  We went as a family to Macaroni Grill for an early lunch.  The food was perfect.  I had my own creation of capellini, pesto, garlic,sun dried tomatoes and asparagus.  It was delicious.


Madeline gave me one of our favorite movies of all time If a Man Answers with Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin.  It is a precious Mother/Daughter film.  The clothes are fabulous!  Maddy also gave me a custom card that she handmade just for the occasion, with Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin on the front.


Harrison in his practical, thoughtful way, gifted me with a PINK eyelash curler with its own Pink floral bag.  I love all things pink and when they are practical, it makes them even better!  A few years ago he got me a heated eyelash curler which was wonderful, but it eventually broke from use.  This one is so deluxe and feels great when you use it.  I have the curliest eyelashes on the planet!


Mark outdid himself with the Kate Spade trench coat!!!  I love it and Madeline has already claimed it when I die.  I can’t wait for a cooler day so I can wear this beautiful coat.  It is silk, so it is lightweight for Texas weather.  I think that 60 degrees would be cool enough for me to wear it out shopping or on a date with my sweetie.  I hope you don’t get tired of seeing me in this jacket because it is going to be my favorite for a long time.  I thought I could even wear it as a bathrobe!

I also received gifts of money from my mother and dad and my mother in law.  I used the cash to fuel my Kate Spade addiction and purchased a dress and skirt to add to my wardrobe.   Overall it was a lovely, lovely day!