Colorful tights for fall

In kate spade, Uncategorized on October 20, 2009 at 10:06 pm

kate spade tights

I am totally loving these colorful tights from Kate Spade.  They add so much spice to an outfit or even a plain black dress or skirt.

red tights

I found some tights for $5 each at Target in Red, Turquoise,  Hot Pink, Teal Green and Purple.  They are not very thick and opaque like the Kate Spade tights, but here in Texas, that is a plus.   It is so very warm in the fall and winter.

green tights

These colorful tights are going to be my signature item this season.  I have built several outfits around the tights and they really help liven up my black dresses.  Friday I wore them to the outlet mall with Maddy.  She sported red and I modeled the Hot Pink.  I must say, we did get a few shocked stares but there were several positive comments from observers.  Best of all, we felt so fun and stylish.  That is what is all about anyway right?


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