Finding this jacket is a dream come true!

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When you live a blessed life, you  get a second chance at things.  I missed out on this jacket at Neiman Marcus a few years ago and it haunted my dreams.  I would go into my closet in the fall and reach for it and it wasn’t there.  It is now coming home via ebay!  I found it finally and my size too.  I can’t wait to pair it with some jeans and heels and some pearls. Notice the pink fur on the collar!  WOW!  I think this is the perfect jacket and it has such a Chanel look.   Now that I have finally found it again, I will never let it go.  I will be wearing this jacket for years!  I am so thankful for my second chance.

  1. Fabulous jacket! I’m so glad you got a 2nd chance and yes, it is almost a dead ringer for a Chanel!
    Enjoy looking chic and thanks for stopping by today.

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