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Cruise Outfits

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I took pictures of my planned outfits for the cruise.  There are a lot so get ready…

5 Lilly Pulitzer Skirts and tees with Cardigan Sweaters for the morning.  Most of the skirts are reversible so I can wear them another day or just change mid-day if I want to.

Dresses for Days in Port, Afternoon activities and Casual Dinner Nights

This one is for Cozumel, Mexico.  The shoes have little turtles on them.

This one is for Grand Cayman, it has sea turtles on it.

This next Lilly dress is for Jamaica.  It also has turtles.  I changed my mind about the shoes and am just wearing orange sandals.  The turtle platforms were for wearing to dinner.  I love the orange necklace.  I think that orange and pink are a lovely combo.

This one is my boarding outfit.  It is a Kate Spade cashmere sweater with my skinny jeans and flats.  It may be cooler outside when we are leaving so my H2O sweater will come in handy.

This Pink/Green outfit is just an afternoon Lilly dress to put on after swimming to hang around in.  I have a kelly green cardigan that I will tie up like a shrug.  I love the bracelet and ring with this outfit.

This Lilly turtle shift dress is to lounge around in also.  I hope to do a lot of reading on this trip!  I have a cute sterling and mother of pearl turtle pendant on a silver chain and a string of pearls to wear with this dress.

This next one could be for dinner or an afternoon date with Mark.  It has a great three strand necklace that really jazzes it up.  It is embroidered with palm trees and monkeys all over! So cute.  I am going to carry a white cardigan in case it is cool.

Then there are my dinner dresses…

First is my Kate Spade Jory Dress.  I am wearing it with a black sash and sandals.  I will keep a black cardigan with me for the chill.

I just have to wear my new Kate Spade Madeleine Dots dress!  It looks best with colored tights so I am debating on whether I can wear tights on a Caribbean cruise.  I will bring them just in case.

This next dress is probably my favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress.  I am going to wear it to dinner the first night on board.  Maddy has a Lilly patchwork dress that she is going to wear too.  I love it with the orange.  Fun fun fun.

This last dress I am not really sure about.  Oliver the cat sure liked it.  I will probably wear it but maybe as a day dress.  I will have to see how I feel at the time.  I love the colors and the necklace but I don’t really feel that comfortable in the actual dress.  I am thinking of adding straps to the dress so it stays up better.  That will help a lot.

I think that is it.  I have to get my 2 formal outfits together and then I will post them.  Taking pictures has really helped me to organize everything and be sure I have all I need for the trip.  I still need swimsuits and one formal dress but other than that I think I am all set.  Yea!


Wore the Kate Spade inspired green dress- Here it is…

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This is proof I am no model!  The dress really did turn out cute though and the color is even brighter than this picture.  Madeline snapped this of me so you could see how the dress turned out.  I wish I had the purple shoes but I just put on my pink ones instead.  It is so fun to get a good deal and really love it.  I have gotten deals that didn’t seem so great when I got home with them but, this dress makes me happy even after wearing it.  I love the pink one too, maybe I’ll post a pic of that one sometime.  It comes in several colors but I am limiting myself to two just to be disciplined.  I do things like that just for practice.  I want to be a student of contentment but contentment seems to run away right when I think I am catching up with it.  This dress is part of a lesson.  If I can be content with it instead of the green Kate Spade dress and not spend all my time thinking about the dress that I don’t have, I am learning a lesson.  Learning can be fun and cute too!  I can be the “Girl in the Green Dress” instead of “green scarf” on Shopaholic.

Shopping spree to the Kate Spade store at the Galleria

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Madeline and I went for a shopping day at the Galleria in Houston today and had a really lovely time.  We each came home with a dress that was on our wish list.  The Kate Spade store in the Galleria is the BEST!  The sales people were so helpful and patient with us.  They even gave us our dresses in a PINK  Kate Spade garment bag to take home!!!! Wow~that was over the top!

This is the dress I brought home

I am all about the polka dots and ruffles!

This is the one for Madeline

it has little owls all over it!  SOOO Maddy!

I highly recommend that you visit the Kate Spade store in the Galleria.  The experience was the highlight of our shopping trip!  If I could only take one store to a deserted island, I would take the Kate Spade store.  I love to buy online but going to the actual store really was wonderful and I am hooked.

Kate spade Alternative…the green dress

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I really wanted this awesome dress from Kate Spade…(a whopping $475!)

But I found this alternative at for wayyyy cheaper… (only $39!)

31Y5XS5An+L._AA260_While the green dress is great as-is, I am having the neckline scooped and the hem shortened.  I will wear it with some tights and bright shoes just like the KS styling I love so much.  It is a really nice taffeta type fabric that looks more expensive than $39!  The belt is nice but I am going to look for a ribbon to tie around the waist to get the full KS look.  I also have this dress in hot pink.  I really like the style.  It has a real Jackie O feel to it and looks great with a cropped cardigan.  I think I will even be able to wear it in the spring/summer with some bright yellow or pink accents.  Oh Yeah, It totally matches, exactly,perfectly, my green Opus Kate Spade purse!!!  Of course there is no real comparison to the gorgeous Kate Spade dress but, it is fun to be creative and come up with something special to add to my wardrobe.

New Cream Blouse to Complete Several Outfits!

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pKSLCI1-5247176enh-z6I just ordered this Kate Spade Sandyn top from the Kate Spade Sample Sale!  I have been looking for a cream blouse for several months to wear with several of my skirts and with my new black pencil pants.  I am home sick today and got a special treat in my email inviting me to the KS sample sale.  There were lots of great things but none of them were on my “needs” list except this cream blouse.  The Sandyn top  is it’s name and you could say it had MY name all over it!  It totally reminds me of a Sharon Young blouse I had in college that I wore with a floral chintz skirt.   I love the roses on the front and also the pleated sleeves.  I am glad they are not puffed but I like the pleat at the bottom.  It is so feminine.  The back is darted so it is more fitted.  I can even belt it with jeans!  I bet it would look great with a black cardigan with a few bottom buttons closed so that the roses are still visible in all their cuteness.  The best thing of all is the price!  Regular $256, I stole it for $59!!!!!!  Now I must go back to bed and recover from my fun internet  shopping trip.