Wore the Kate Spade inspired green dress- Here it is…

In Fashion, kate spade, Uncategorized on November 23, 2009 at 12:21 am

This is proof I am no model!  The dress really did turn out cute though and the color is even brighter than this picture.  Madeline snapped this of me so you could see how the dress turned out.  I wish I had the purple shoes but I just put on my pink ones instead.  It is so fun to get a good deal and really love it.  I have gotten deals that didn’t seem so great when I got home with them but, this dress makes me happy even after wearing it.  I love the pink one too, maybe I’ll post a pic of that one sometime.  It comes in several colors but I am limiting myself to two just to be disciplined.  I do things like that just for practice.  I want to be a student of contentment but contentment seems to run away right when I think I am catching up with it.  This dress is part of a lesson.  If I can be content with it instead of the green Kate Spade dress and not spend all my time thinking about the dress that I don’t have, I am learning a lesson.  Learning can be fun and cute too!  I can be the “Girl in the Green Dress” instead of “green scarf” on Shopaholic.

  1. You look great. That is such a cute dress, and I love the color.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words about my cruise post! I am so glad that it helped y’all out! I hope y’all have fun on your cruise this Christmas! I have always wanted to go on a Christmas cruise! Be sure to drop by my blog on Wednesday, I am having a giveaway in honor of blogging for 1 year!

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