Lilly Love!

In Lilly Pulitzer, Uncategorized on December 1, 2009 at 1:45 am

Maddy and I were gathering up our Lilly Pulitzer to pack for our Christmas cruise and we got so excited seeing them all together.  We took a picture so we could share the joy!  These dresses and skirts will be our wardrobe the whole time we are vacationing.  Some of the skirts are reversible so they can be worn twice!  We have monkeys, lions, turtles, flowers and lots of palm trees.  The next task is to match the jewelry, shoes and other accessories with the clothing.  I will post some of the outfits when we get them paired up.  We also have the formal nights to plan for.  I have one dress planned but still need some type of wrap for it.  I am on the lookout for a second dress and I don’t have much time….or extra cash.

  1. Eye Candy! And thanks for visiting my blog. I DO love that tartan cheesecake. I would never want to eat it…haha..

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