Take a Look at Lonny Magazine!

In Decorating, kate spade, Uncategorized on January 4, 2010 at 6:05 pm

This morning I have been enjoying Lonny Magazine!  It is a super online decorating magazine with great “do-able” ideas.  This issue has a really inspiring black and white stripe bathroom that I would love to copy.   There is also a super article on the Kate Spade Store in New York.  It tells you how to decorate your home with ideas from the store and little tips to get the same look.  I am taking some of the ideas and using them right away!  I don’t decorate with color so I have to use black and white instead.  I am going to use lots of texture and pattern( stripes, damask and polka dots) to make the impact that color would have in a space.  The New Year is such a fun time to make small changes in your home decor.  All the Christmas decor is gone and you have a clean blank slate to work with.  Just moving the furniture around can really make a difference.  I just flipped my duvet over to solid white and changed the pillows around with ones from another room to completely change the look of my bedroom.  For FREE!  I can’t wait to try something else…


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