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Harvey Faircloth

In Fashion on February 16, 2010 at 7:01 pm

Harvey Faircloth is so inspiring!  I love the mix of color with neutrals in this collection.  The yellow buttons on a tan dress, the pop of rainbow on an otherwise neutral combination and the navy with bright blue buttons down the side, all surprise the eye.  Then you have the super exciting floral!  I super love that floral!  I also love the use of navy and chambray blue.  These are really “hot ” right now and I am looking for ways to wear them.  This collection has a vintage “feel” but is right on trend with the style of the day.  Whimsy is found here this spring/summer in a relaxed, casual way.  These are everyday, wear anywhere, clothes and I love them!


I want my own Fairy Garden!

In Gardening, Outdoor Entertaining, Project Ideas on February 8, 2010 at 8:40 pm

Last spring Madeline and I planted a Fairy Garden beside the house in the back yard.  It was beautiful just like these pictures.  It lasted for a few days until a big rain.  What we didn’t know when we planted it was that it was directly under a roof run off of huge proportions!  This poor garden was washed away like the earth in Noah’s flood.  After researching Fairy Gardens I have found a solution to our problem.  I am going to plant the garden in a container!  I can then move the container around in sun and shade as needed and even out of the storm if necessary.   The best article on Fairy Gardens was found in Midwest Living also has a complete fairy garden in a pink box that they will mail to you.  We are going to try again…hopefully with success this time!