Kate Spade Park Avenue Pearls Necklace

In Fashion, kate spade, Uncategorized on March 20, 2010 at 11:27 pm

I am the proud owner (and wearer of) this beautiful necklace seen here on this darling Kate Spade model! Here is an up close view of the gorgeousness of this necklace…

With a retail price of $495, this is not your average necklace. Of course, I did not pay the full retail price or my husband would not be speaking to me right now.  The question is;  Now that I own this magnificent piece of jewelry, where can I wear this necklace and how often can I wear it?  Is once a week too much?  Can you wear it with jeans and a t-shirt?  Is it too much to wear it to church?  I ask this because last sunday I had it on and it felt a little “too much”.  I am thinking that Easter Sunday may be the only time for it to make an appearance at church.  It also tends to be a little heavy  I tried to wear it around the house while doing housework and now have a sore neck!  I replaced the ribbon that ties it around your neck with a piece of black chiffon so it would carry the weight more evenly and not hurt after wearing it for a while.  It is much better. Now, after going through all this, I have still only worn it out of the house once and that was for about and hour and a half.  I was looking at the new things on and found a version of this necklace in yellow!  I love it!  Picture it on a black dress or with my green dress and yellow shoes.  I just love Kate Spade!


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