Outfit of the Day Sunday Sept 19, 2010

In Fashion on September 19, 2010 at 2:18 pm

Today I am wearing an outfit that is an example of “low end” looking like “high end”.  The entire outfit cost only $72! Crazy, right? Shoes and jewelry included!  The sweater and necklace are from Forever 21,the dress from Target and the shoes were also from Target off of the clearance rack. I ended up taking off the belt and using a ribbon to keep the black going.  After seeing the pic I thought the belt was too much.

  1. Looks great I love the belt!

    • Thanks Krisanna you are so sweet! I seem to never wear that belt, I always start out with it on and change before I leave the house. I think it is because it is uncomfortable because the patent leather is so stiff. I have been lovin my silverish super skinny belt though, I wear it with everything.

  2. The picture is darling! It’s way better than any of the ones I took.

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