About Royalty Girl…

My lovely family

I am married to my handsome high school sweetheart Mark Royalty. We have been married for 18 years and have 2 lovely children Harrison 17 and Madeline 14. We live in Houston, TX with our Poodle Fifi and Kitty cat Oliver. I love to decorate my home inside and out. I love all things Lilly Pulitzer and kate spade new york.   I enjoy reading and taking long walks in the beautiful Houston weather.

  1. dear royalty girl, i’m writing a story about the demise of domino magazine and hoping to interview some of its fans. might i intervew you? my deadline is tomorrow. enormous thanks and cheers from, penelope green, reporter, home section the new york times 212 556 5902

  2. Hello!

    You left a reply on AT regarding white vases: “I just spray painted a load of vases white with a glossy paint. They look great and you cant tell they were different colors after the third coat of paint.”

    I was looking into different spray paints. Were you painting on glass vases? Did you get a nice gloss? What brand and type of paint did you use?

    Thank You!

    • Jeff,
      I was painting on ceramic vases. I used krylon spray paint in white gloss. I was going for the cheapest fix. I purchased some shiny top coat to make them glossy if the paint wasn’t enough but it was fine. I didn’t even use it. The biggest thing I learned was to spray lightly and multiple coats. The shiny stuff drips easily. The surface of the vases was already glossy to start so I was afraid the paint wouldn’t stick but it worked great! They are not handled much except for dusting so I don’t know about their toughness but they work great for display!

  3. I recently found a Lilly Pulitzer girl’s size 4 pink turle sleeveless top. Can you tell me anything about the material? When was it produced? What was the inspiration? It is BRAND NEW, tags still on! I am intrigued by this! It is EXACTLY like the pink turtle outfit in your description of the “Jamaica” outfits.

    Thank you so much!

  4. I think you’re cool! I’d love to hook up with you on Twitter and Facebook, if you have/share them. I just got Kate Spade shoes that are amazing, and I’d like to get your KS-loving thoughts on them. Just my 2nd KS item, but I’ve had my sunglasses from her for years and years. Back then, I mostly bought bags but I’ve been building a shoe (good shoes) collection, finally! I get ticked watching Sex and the City and those “low” (much lower!) prices I missed out on! Hahaha. Bags haven’t risen like shoes – wish I had cut back for more shoes, but I wasn’t a shoe girl (like you still aren’t)!!! (I even sold two designer pairs, REALLY regret one.) Then Foot Petals came into my life, now I am! Nice chatting with (to, sorry) you!

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