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Hosted a luncheon this weekend!

In kate spade on June 13, 2012 at 1:40 pm

This weekend I hosted a ladies luncheon for church. It was catered by heather gaskins of Dehart’s delights. Yum! We had a blast so I wanted to show you some pictures of the food and decor!







Sandee Royalty Etsy Shop- Selling Striped Skirts!

In Fashion, kate spade, Project Ideas on January 20, 2011 at 1:10 am

I received such response from the skirt I made and posted on that I decided to make and sell them.  I am doing them made to order so length and size will be just right!

If you want to get to the shop, follow this link.  Convo me on etsy if you have any questions. Live Colorfully!


kate spade Spring Ad Campaign with Bryce Dallas Howard of Twilight Fame

In kate spade on January 16, 2011 at 2:17 am

These ads are so cute!  Bryce Dallas Howard is the new face of kate spade new york.  She will be featured in ads this spring and fall.  Bryce is the first famous spokesmodel ever for ksny!  Lovely!

Warning! Counterfeit Kate Spade Apparel on eBay!!!

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What a sad day is was when I received my Kate Spade polka dot Jillian dress in the mail!  It was COUNTERFEIT!  Can you believe it?  I couldn’t.  It is awful that someone is copying Kate Spade dresses and selling them as authentic on eBay.  To the untrained eye, the dress was not obviously a fake but with my “super Kate Spade vision”  I could tell that there was something fishy going on.  The finishes were not the usual French seams and fine stitching with silk thread.  The cut of the Jillian dress is more of a boat neckline with a scoop in the back where the counterfeit dress was slightly scooped in the front and not as scooped in the back.  The fabric was also thinner silk with a much lighter hand than the Kate Spade polka dot fabric on my other polka dot dress from the fall.  Then to make things worse, being alerted to the fact that there might be counterfeits on eBay, I looked carefully at my Kate Spade sunshades dress from eBay and discovered that it too was a fake!!!! AHHHHH! Double disappointment!  The colors of the sunglasses were different slightly from the original and the weight of the fabric was lighter.  The neckline was also cut higher and the ruffle was shorter.  I have worn this dress happily for a month not knowing that this dress was not the real thing.  Now I wonder if I should remove the “offender” from my closet.  It is still as cute as ever but knowing that it is a COUNTERFEIT dress does make me feel somewhat gloomy.  The good news is that I contacted the fraud department at Kate Spade and they are investigating the issue and I was able to return the polka dot dress for a full refund!  I went right over to my Houston Kate Spade outlet and took the money from the dress and purchased the Tutti-frutti  esti skirt with the polka dots in pinks, reds  and oranges.  I wore it to church this morning proudly knowing that it was authentic and not a fake!  It is also the cutest skirt and looks super with my hot pink Quinn handbag.

I am going to be much more cautious when ordering from eBay in the future.  One of the problems with the sellers of counterfeit clothing is that they use the Kate Spade photos to advertise the clothing so you think you are getting what is pictured.  They may show the other item but it looks very much like the original, especially in photos.  The price is usually low and there are several for sale in different sizes.   If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!  Lesson learned the hard way!!!

Whimsy in a handbag is the Best kind!

In kate spade on July 18, 2010 at 8:14 pm

This is from the Kate Spade Holiday Collection coming Christmas 2010!   I need it.  I need it real bad.

The Kate Spade Sunglasses Dress

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The Dress so cute!   I can’t wait to wear it somewhere.  Sadly,l this week this week there is no “ladies lunch” on my schedule.  I may have to create one so I can debut this cutie…

Special Treat Kate Spade Dress

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Madeleine Dots Jillian Dress in Cream- I have always wanted this dress

but I already have this one…

Now I am going to have this one…

It is the same KS Jillian style as the first dress but in black with cream dots instead of cream with black dots.  I think it is much more slimming if if dots can be slimming at all.  The only catch is that I have to lose 5 pounds before Mark will give it to me.  It is an “incentive”.  I hope it works!

Everything is coming up POPPYS!

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Love the Kate Spade Poppys!

I have both the necklace and the bracelet.  The big question is…can I wear them together or is that too much poppy?

Sunglasses Dress for Summer

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I have ordered the Kate Spade Sunglasses Dress Online and am waiting patiently to receive it in the mail.  Maybe today will be the  day! My favorite thing about this dress other than the adorable print, is the lovely ruffle at the neckline. That feature was the “selling point” for me!  Hope it meets all my expectations!   I’ll post a picture when it comes …

My #1 Handbag

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The Kate Spade Quinn is the best and most versatile handbag I own.   I love it so much that I have been collecting in all the colors that coordinate with my wardrobe.   This is a classic design modeled after a shopping bag.   Oh, that must be why I like it…It also can carry my netbook perfectly and still have room for other essentials.  Currently, you can only purchase the Quinn in leather on the website and at outlet stores.  There are several Quinns in fabric and wicker available in stores right now as it is summer.

I hope the Quinn is always available somewhere because I am going to buy one every season until I have enough of them (which may never happen).

The yellow and the pink Quinn are my favorites right now but fall is coming so, I wonder what color will be next…